4 Tips on Training Jack Russell Puppies Not to Bite

4 Tips on Training Jack Russell Puppies Not to Bite

A common question for new Jack Russell puppy owners is how to train their new puppy not to bite. Although the Jack Russell means no harm it is still quite important to stop your Jack Russell puppy’s biting habits early on. This will help ensure that you puppy does not grow up thinking this is an acceptable behavior because as your Jack Russell grows, his or her bit will become stronger and could possible hurt someone. It is an instinct of the Jack Russell puppy to always have that mouth open and teeth exposed when playing or being aggressive. However, consistent puppy training and correction the puppy’s owner can change this behavior.

While the puppy is in the early stages after birth and around his or her sibling they begin to play with one another. During the Jack Russell puppies play time they tend to nip and bite on each other, and sometimes a bite is a little too strong for the other puppy who in return lets out a yelp or cry. This yep is what advises the biting dog that was too hard and hurt the other puppy. This is one of the reasons along with many others that Jack Russell puppies need to stay with their mother and siblings for at least 8 weeks before the possibility of being released to their new family. During these 8 weeks the Jack Russell learns quite a few life lessons that will stay with them as they grow up into a mature dog.

Here are 4 tips on how to train a Jack Russell puppy not to bite.

1. Always try to have one of your Jack’s chew toys handy when playing them. This will help keep the puppy’s attention off of your body parts and more focused on playing with their toy.

2. Sound off a loud cry when your Jack Russell pup bites down a little too hard on you and then move away from the puppy letting the little pup know that the biting will not be tolerated.

3. Striking or spanking is never an acceptable method for training your Jack Russell pup. There are going to be those times where you just feel like you have had enough during the training stages, but patience and consistency will eventually pay-off and reward you with a loving puppy, who will eventually understand right or wrong and he or she will also respect you as the master of the house.

4. Consistent training methods is a must when trying to teach your Jack Russell puppy the difference between wrong and right. If you are not consistent then your puppy will stay confused as to what may be right or wrong and will have a very difficult time learning how he or she needs to behave.

Again, show patience and maintain consistency in your Jack Russell training methods. If you follow these two key tips, you will be greatly rewarded with an incredible loving companion that will be part of your life for a long time.

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