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Snow Creek Jack Russell Delivers Premium Jack Russell Puppies to Their Customers

Snow Creek Jack Russell – Recognized as a top Jack Russell Terrier Breeders, located in Amite, Louisiana. Snow Creek has been providing their customers with beautiful Jack Russell Terrier puppies for more than 12 years. Snow Creek’s Jack Russell puppies are well prepared before going home with their new owners or families. Jack Russell Terrier puppies from Snow Creek have been socially developed during the Puppy Boot Camp, a program created by owners Russell & Jolene Roy. Snow Creek specializes in Short-legged Jack Russell Terriers. You can select from a few different coat or fur options when choosing a Jack Russell at Snow Creek. The Jack Russell Terrier fur selections include the following choices: Smooth Coat — consists of a short, smooth, thin layer of fur, about 1cm to 1.5cm in length. Rough Coat — consists a thick, coarse coat of shaggy style hair up to 10.5cm in length. Broken Coat — consists of Smooth and Rough types of fur. It can appear to be rough or smooth in places, or it may be shaggy and rough. Average fur length is 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm. Each Jack Russell puppy has been professionally socialized during the Puppy Boot Camp as mentioned earlier. Following the Camp, Snow Creek’s Jack Russell puppies have a much happier personality, they show a calm temperament, and feel much more comfortable being handled by children & adults. If you are still unsure if Snow Creek is the best choice of Jack Russell Terrier Breeders to purchase your puppy from, take a moment and review our Video section of the website. You will see customer after customer offer their testimonials about their wonderful Snow Creek Jack Russell puppy and the great experience they had in purchasing the puppy from one of the best Jack Russell Terrier Breeders.

Snow Creek - Jack Russell Terrier BreedersThe owner Russell Roy, a native of Louisiana, attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana and earned his degree in Animal Science.  He joined the American Bantam Association in 1964, and has since become one of the foremost authorities… in the fields of cattle breeding, swine genetics, and poultry breed development.  He has bred animals of the highest quality genetically and in the epitome of health. Russell, now known as one of the best Jack Russell Terrier Breeders around, has been delivering some of the sweetest, cutest, and most calm Jack Russell Terrier puppies you’ve ever been around. He continues to deliver puppies with these same characteristics over and over by following a routine he put into place several years ago. One of the most important roles in this routine is when the Jack Russell Terrier puppies make their way through Puppy Boot Camp. During the boot camp the puppies are introduced to thousands of adults and children, experiencing how to be social with so many different people. The puppies also have the chance to interact with many of the other farm animals during the Boot Camp. So, by the time their 7th-8th week rolls around and their new family is ready to take them home the Jack Russell puppies are calm, relaxed and ready to join their new family. We are proud to announce we are now working with Delgado Community College and North Shore Community College, here in our state, as an onsite internship program for their veterinary technician work 40 to 50 hours per semester checking worming vaccinating, trimming nails and doing a complete dog management program. Truly our clients can rest assure that we have the best health and environment program for Jack Russell Terriers on our farm.

We are located at 26058 E. Snow Creek Road, Amite, LA 70422. Contact Russell Roy at 985-981-1161 or you can send us an email by clicking HERE and submitting your inquiry using our online contact form.

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