Jack Russell Puppy Camp

Snow Creek Teaches Jack Russell Terrier Puppies How to Socialize

All of the Snow Creek Jack Russell puppies have completed our Jack Russell Puppy Camp. What does our Jack Russell Boot Camp involve? During the Boot Camp all of our dogs have been to schools in a 3 state area on tour in our agri-tourist business. So each one of our clients puppies will be handled by 2,500 to 4,000 people before leaving for their new home. This process assures that each puppy is very familiar with being handled and held by a number of different people. Therefore, once you receive your new Jack Russell Terrier puppy they will be well acquainted and comfortable with their new family picking up and loving on them. The Jack Russell Boot Camp has proven to work wonders for all of our new puppy owners and we continue to receive high praise for this process that we put in place many years ago.

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