What Makes the Jack Russell Puppy Such a Great Pet?

What Makes the Jack Russell Puppy Such a Great Pet?

A Jack Russell that is not adequately physically and mentally exercised by you will find a way to do it him or her self. Without a doubt, you can expect to come home to a happy puppy and house that has been trashed.

Do not suppose this is great kind of puppy that can be left out in the backyard unsupervised. They are climbers and diggers. They will find a way out before you can say “Jack Russell.” Because they are fearless, bold and usually exceptionally confrontational, your pet may either get injured or injure another animal or person while on the loose.

It is not recommended to have two Jack Russell of the same sex living under one roof. They may be small, but they are extremely territorial, possessive and protective of what there consider exclusively theirs. That’s what makes them such great watch and guard pet.

They have are surely fair share of inherent health problems. One of the most common is ecotopia lentis. It can cause blindness. As Jack Russells are remarkable trackers and hunters, if you live in an area where there are skunks be aware of Skunk Toxic Shock. It can be serious fatal.

Talk to a great experienced Jack Russell owners before purchasing or adopting. Avoid like the plague flea markets, backyard breeders, classified ads, and pet stores. They only perpetuate the horrific puppy mills that flood the market with poor quality pets. Spend a few dollars more. Find a responsible, trustworthy breeder who takes pride in the quality of their dogs. If you are prepared for a challenge, check shelters and rescues. They have plenty of Jack Russells; most of them surrendered due to behavioral problems. Cut them some slack. They are probably there because they had an overwhelmed, inexperienced owner! Who knows, perhaps your new best friend may be there, anxiously waiting for you.

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