Male Jack Russell Terriers

Meet Snow Creek's Adult Male Jack Russell Terriers

Below are our male Jack Russell Terriers at the Snow Creek Jack Russell farm. These guys are some of the best in their class! All of our male Jack Russell dogs, “Studs” or “Sires”, have exceptional builds, color markings, and have proven time and time again to deliver the highest of quality Jack Russell puppies you’ve ever seen. We are overjoyed with our guy’s results and feel very fortunate to have them as part of our family here on the Snow Creek Farm.

Dibbles (4)

                  Dibbles Roy of LA

Dibbles is my boy who would rather be in your lap being cuddled rather than on the ground running around! He’s 9 inches tall and weighs 13 pounds. He has that wonderful Maximus confirmation of muscle and mass! Once his offspring started hitting the ground, we discovered that he also was throwing a lot of lemon colored babies! With his style and color he will have his place here at Snow Creek for a long time to come!


                    Teddy Roy of LA

Teddy is truly an amazing little Jack Russell Terrier! He stands 8.5 inches tall and weighs 12 pounds. He is so perfectly balanced. He loves us unconditionally no matter what happens! I may have to fuss at him for chasing the cats but he will stop and come give me kisses asking for forgiveness and make me melt! He is known as the Stud Dog here at Snow Creek as he lets us know when and who is coming into heat and he is never wrong! When not on the job checking the girls he loves digging for moles or whatever else he can find! He loves playing chase with some of the other dogs also! He makes you appreciate the simple things in life and watching him have fun is very entertaining!

Simba (4)

                  Simba Roy of LA

Simba is 9.5 inches tall (but thinks he’s as big as a Great Dane, until he wants to snuggle!) He weighs 13 pounds and is a power horse! This amazing Jack Russell Terrier has produced some of the finest females we own and we are now in the process of breeding these on Teddy! The Simba dynasty will be truly amazing to watch over the 2015 and 2016 breeding seasons!

impressive male jack russell

          Impressive Piper Roy of LA

This Jack Russell Terrier is just what his name says “Impressive”! He is a Simba son out of our Cassy. Cassy is a sister of Dibbles! With the pedigree of this little guy there wasn’t any other words for him! He is only a few months old but we are looking forward to 2016 to see what he will produce!


Colton (3)

                  Colton Roy of LA

Colton Roy is as perfect of a rough coat Jack Russell Terrier as Teddy is of a smooth coat! This little guy is only a few months old but one thing is for sure type doesn’t change! This shorty jack came to us perfect and is just plain perfect still! (Thanks Dena!) I can’t wait until he is old enough to breed on our gals!




                  Echo Roy of LA

This Jack Russell Terrier is one amazing and energetic male. He is such a joy to have in our breeding family.



                      Baxter Roy

Baxter is such a vibrant and spunky fella filled with energy and vitality. He is such a joy to have here at the farm as part of our family and is sure to have beautiful puppies.


                     Brutus Roy

Brutus a very handsome and colorful fella who loves to play and is filled with tons of love to give. He loves to smile and show off his gorgeous teeth as well. We love having him here as part of our family and his puppies are sure to go fast.

Odie (3)

                      Odie Roy

Odie is a handsome guy who is such a joy to have here with us. He shows so much love and brings tons of enjoyment here. He is sure to make some beautiful pups who will not last long.

Peanut (2)

                     Peanut Roy

Peanut is a handsome long haired jack russell with a ton of kisses and affection to give. He is a joy to have here at our farm as part of our family and is sure to have gorgeous pups who will not last.

Scooby (1)

                      Scooby Roy

Scooby is a younger and newer addition here at the farm and we are so pleased to have him. He loves to run and play and gives a ton of love. His pups are sure to go fast.

Wally (3)

                        Wally Roy

Wally is a young long haired jack russell who loves to run and jump. We are so happy to have him as a part of our family here. He is full of excitement and love to give and this handsome guy is sure to have some beautiful pups who won’t last long.

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