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Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that has its originated in England and were very good fox hunters. These puppies are normally white colored over most of their body with a few distinguished marking of black, red, tan, or brown. The Jack Russell Terrier has different variations of furs depending on the genes of each puppy’s parents. These variations in hair textures and length include short, smooth, rough, coarse, long-haired, or broken-coated. The Jack Russell Terrier has a broad body structure, with an average size of 10 to 14 inches. The Jack Russell Terrier breed is full of energy, requiring plenty of exercise and stimulation to maintain its health & happiness. Snow Creek Jack Russell, recognized as one of the “Best Jack Russell Terrier Breeders” in the United States, offers their customers high quality, beautiful, and healthy Short Legged Jack Russell puppies that have been socialized with hundreds of adults & children before leaving for home with their new families. This Jack Russell Terrier breed of dog has made appearances in several movies and television shows. Two shows you may remember seeing a Jack Russell dog in include Frasier and Son of the Mask. Jack Russell Terrier dogs are highly intelligent, friendly with children and will make a great addition to any family or individual looking for a loving long time companion.

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