9 Tips To A Happier & Healthier Jack Russell Terrier

9 Tips To A Happier & Healthier Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers were developed in England a couple hundred years ago to hunt foxes – needless to say, they’re clever, making for a great family pet. They’re affectionate and charming, but they can be a handful to train. Apart from it all, when you have a Jack Russell Terrier, or any dog for that matter, you want to keep him/her as happy as possible. Today, we are going to give you 9 tips to keep your Jack Russell Terrier happy and healthy …

Tip Number One: Give Him a Lot of Praise

Dogs love pleasing their family. When your dog follows a command, make sure you praise him by giving him a treat or affection. He should know that he has done right by you, and the best way for you to show him he has done right is to praise him, giving him a treat, or hand him a toy. Knowing that he made you happy is going to make him happy as well. Too often, dog owners focus on the negative – instead, when he misbehaves, redirect him to do what you want and then give him praise. By doing this, he will know exactly what he is expected to do.

Tip Number Two: Start His Training Early

Jack Russell’s are really active and this means they won’t waste time getting in trouble, so it is important that you start his training when you first bring him into your home. Trust us, your dog will be happy to learn new things and having rules equals a healthy dog. Don’t worry, by training your dog, you’re not being cruel – these dogs love to learn!

Tip Number Three: Start His Socialization Early

This is an important tip that too many dog owners skip. It is important that you start socializing your Jack Russell Terrier at an early age in order to keep him happy. Dog stop with people and other dogs – you need to socialize him with both genders, all age groups, disabled people, people wearing long coats, hats, the vet, loud people, barking dogs, shy dogs and so on. Properly socialize your dog properly so that he can be happy in almost any environment.

Tip Number Four:  Don’t Let Unwanted Behavior Progress

If you notice your Jack Russell Terrier suddenly starts to become aggressive, then something is probably bothering him. It could be any number of things from poor health to separation anxiety. If you notice your dog acting poorly in the middle of nowhere, watch him and see if he will respond to his normal commands. Aggression, in dogs, is a sign that they’re confused or unhappy. So many people react to aggression by showing aggression and this is not recommended, because it will only worsen the situation. Instead, when your dog is being aggressive, remain calm and try to recognize what is causing his anxiety. When you figure it out, remove him from the environment and give him time to calm down.

Tip Number Five: Make Sure Your Dog Knows His Place in Your Family

You don’t need your dog to rule your home and make your family miserable – this isn’t a happy or healthy dog. Dog’s needs rules and they need to learn their place in your family. Think about it, even dogs in the wild have commands that are given to them by the alpha. If your little dog knows his rules, he’s going to be happy and comfortable.

Tip Number Six: Don’t Pick Your Dog Up When Other Dogs are Present

When another dog comes around, people have a tendency to pick their little dog up – by doing this, your Jack Russell will learn to get aggressive and nervous when other dogs are around. Instead of picking him up, keep him close to you on his leash when other dogs approach you.

Tip Number Seven: Keep Your Jack Russell Terrier Healthy

You can keep your terrier healthy by taking him to the vet on a routine basis. If your dog is overweight, he’s not going to be happy. You need to give him the right amount of exercise and keep him on a good diet in order to make sure he stays healthy. Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Tip Number Eight: Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Rest

If you have a dog that is young, he’s going to need a lot of rest – the same rule applies to older dogs as well. When you see him napping, try not to wake him and make sure he sleeps through the night (when you sleep). Getting a proper amount of sleep will equal a better attitude, which means a happier life.

Tip Number Nine: Learn to Recognize Signs of Separation Anxiety

When you leave your home, your dog may become anxious. Signs of separation anxiety include scratching, being aggressive, urinating inappropriately, vomiting or pacing. If your dog has separation anxiety, it simply means he misses you, it’s not signs of misbehavior. Here’s how you can combat separation anxiety – right before you leave your house (I know this can be hard), don’t smother your dog with a ton of attention. 15 minutes before you leave, ignore him and when you return, give it 15 minutes before you recognize him.

Those are nine tips you should follow in order to make sure you Jack Russell terrier stays happy and healthy. When you bring him into your home, you must realize that he is your responsibility and you need to do your best in order to make sure he stays as happy as can be. These nine tips should point you in the right direction.


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